...Heal Her from Within…

Vera is a certified sound healing practitioner who trained under the teachings of a Tibetan Master Teacher, and Sound Healer. She practices the traditional art of sound healing using antique Tibetan bowls, and ancient healing protocols that have been used for thousands of years. Applying the correct use of the healing bowl, and its’ healing properties has many benefits to those who participate in sound meditation.

  • Master of Science, M.S.

  • Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, CSHP

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and Practitioner, RMT

  • Certified Instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

  • Certified Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Meditation Instructor

  • Member of Sound Healers Association, SHA

I would like to express gratitude to my teachers which have been many along the way. With deepest gratitude to God, my Guides, my grandmother Alice, my Angel Laura, Mary, Maria, and Katharine.
— Vera Jelley
…Heal Her From within….

…Heal Her From within….