A Gift From The Heart


I can remember when I received the phone call from the surgeon sometime after 4:00PM on a Friday afternoon. “Your biopsy results are positive for breast cancer, and I’ll see you on Monday.” Stunned and angry, I annoyingly yelled that, “I didn’t have time in my life for this!”

That was when I thought I was in control of everything in my life. The whirlwind that I was thrust into was exhaustive both emotionally and physically. Spiritually, I had started a new adventure. I clearly remember those long, challenging days of uncertainty when seconds felt like days. The sweetest time of my day was the first 5 seconds when I awoke, before I remembered that I had breast cancer. For me, the stress was suffocating. It is for this reason that I have chosen to help other women who are also earning the badge of warrior in the fight against cancer. My journey included a transformation that would one day lead me to do great things in the service of others. The evolving journey of earning my wings, has proven to be a great joy for me. I am grateful for the spiritual growth that brought me to this moment, and I cannot imagine my life without the spiritual evolution that continually expands. I am inviting you to consider making a donation to Heal Her, which helps to provide reduced or free services to women that have taken on the challenge of healing from within. I am proud to serve the women who embrace the physical and emotional challenges of healing, and who welcome the spiritual growth along its path.

Help To Heal Her From Within